Are Witches Born or Made?

Witch on a broom

Witch on a broom

It is a hotly debated question: Are we born witches or must we do something special to become a true witch?

The correct answer is: A little of both.

There are a few people who are so insensitive that they are for all practical purposes dead to all but the densely physical world. These are the people who never have any sort of anomalous experience of any kind.

Such people are not well-suited to witchcraft because they are unable to sense anything outside the physical world and, therefore, tend to believe that it doesn’t exist.

“Seeing is believing” is a valid truism. For example, it would be hard to believe people who cannot see the full spectrum of colors to believe that certain colors exist. Those who are blind to the color, red, must accept that they cannot see it while others can. They may believe other people when they say they have had the experience of seeing the color red, but they cannot know this experience for themselves, having no ability to intercept and interpret the signals required to see the color red for themselves.

So, people with very limited senses are unlikely candidates for witchcraft. It is, also, quite likely that such people have no interest in the subject since it is literally not part of their sensory realm. They were simply born without a great deal of sensitivity and this is not likely to change unless they suffer the misfortune of being subjected to some severe trauma. It is out of trauma that both psychic sensitivity and witchcraft abilities sometimes spontaneously develop.  See: “Black Magic for Dark Times:

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Psychic Sensitivity:  The Sign of a Possible Witch in Need of Development

While psychic abilities are distinct from witchcraft abilities, the first inkling you may have that you are sensitive to other than strictly physical signals, is that you are able to pick up other people’s thoughts or to know future events before they occur.

Precognition, prophetic dreaming and sensing other people’s feelings (empathic abilities) or thoughts are all examples of other than strictly physical sensitivity or E.S.P. (Extra Sensory Perception).

The ability to communicate with spirits is not, itself, witchcraft, but it is an ability that witches have. The same esoteric scientific principles that make communication with non-physical entities possible, make witchcraft possible.

To sum it up: Psychic sensitivity is a sign that you may have natural witchcraft abilities that could be developed.

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Psychic Sensitivity Vs. Witchcraft Abilities

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Psychic sensitivity is distinct from witchcraft abilities. A witch is not only able to receive subtle signals, but is  able to make things happen in the physical world by means of that same subtle energetic system.

For instance, a witch is able to cause changes in the weather, to cause estrangement or affection between people, to seek revenge by other than physical means upon enemies and to effect extraordinary healing.

When these abilities are inherent, the natural born witch, often discovers them quite by accident.  It is then that the witch often goes on a quest for more knowledge, to expand these natural abilities. In this way, the witches power is both natural and acquired by means of research and practice.

Some natural born witches never come to an understanding of their own abilities or they fear them because they do not understand them due to lack of real education or patriarchal religious indoctrination.

But, those who recognize their natural abilities and embrace them have the opportunity to live a more fulfilled life.

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